The TRUE story of


Originally I created this website to host information about a BBQ podcast I was contemplating back in 2008. This was before YouTube Channels had gotten as big as they are today. As that I always reserve the domains for ideas that I have to assure their availability for later, I created, the mission to find Great BBQ. As is often the case with any startup, it can be challenging to get the people and all the moving parts to work together... and so my URL has remained with me until I can bring the right elements and people together to pursue my dream...


I got an email from an upstart company called... MissionBBQ asking to buy my URL. If they had they had not played games and tried to lowball me, I might have sold it to them. Today they are known as
So everytime you type the dash in their name, you have me to thank :)

Although I'd consider selling the domain, (Info here) if I end up keeping it until I retire and have the time to add the pork pounds necessary to resume the mission I originally envisioned, that would be great too. After all, who doesn't enjoy talking about great BBQ??????

Funny enough, without any advertising or anything, we get several hundred hits per month! If you've enjoyed this funny anecdote, please share it with your friends and families. Your interest adds to the humor!

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